Plant. Build. Develop.

Plant Churches

Any work that we are given the opportunity to do builds into or flows out of the local church. This is the primary place where and people through whom God initiates his work in the world. The local church gets to be the place where Christ’s redemptive work is heard and made visible in peoples lives and before their eyes. At Anchored Baptist Church we believe that God the Holy Spirit works through God’s Word to accomplish and apply the work of Christ in the lives of whoever hears and believes.

Now this all makes the local church sound rather glorious. Which theologically, by the pronouncement and promises of Christ, it is. On the other hand it is a messy place full of messed up and sinful Saints that are given ample opportunity to show the fruit of Jesus’ redemptive work as it has been received by them. That is a forgiven people who build deep and meaningful relationships through extending the same long-suffering and forgiveness that has been shown to them.

We are currently labouring to assure that Anchored (ABC) has the firm foundation necessary to remain a faithful Gospel witness for years to come and be marked by a congregation that rests in and rely’s upon Jesus alone.

Build Families

Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church and his people are the building blocks of the church locally. Families and households that are made strong through the biblical

In our context the family unit is in great need of Christ’s redeeming work. Father’s are few, caretakers are tired, children are vulnerable and all are in need of the Gospel.

Develop Communities

In order to be zealous for good works and seek the good of the community in which we live and work we use an assortment of means to attend to the physical needs