Tara and I were married in July of 2008 only eleven months after we met.  I would love to tell you the whole story but it would completely ruin the whole thing to not have us tell you in person.

Tara was raised in South Africa from middle school onward because her parents felt called into to missions and they followed that leading.  They with a small team planted Mountain View Baptist Church and it was there that Tara developed a love a passion for South African’s as well as a passion for people whose lives are in crisis.  She continued from there to Cedarville University to study Social work unsure of where God would take her but always hoping to end up back in South Africa.

This is where our stories collide.  I went to Cedarville to go to college and in the midst of my time there God grabbed me, shook me around a little, showed me who to marry and gave me a small vision for the rest of my life that would only be completed when after getting married and deciding to go to South Africa on a short two year trip.

Shortly after getting married we went to work for a small non-profit organization just outside Cape Town and it was there that I too grew to love South Africa as Tara already did.  (You can read all about our time there with them HERE.)  It was also there that we became a part of Mountain View Baptist Church and began to understand the central importance of the local church.  It was there that we learned that Jesus works through and flows forward from the local church and not some ambiguous concept of Christians as a group at large.

It is there that our first child was born.  And where our second and third will know as home and where our fourth will be born.

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