an introduction

Who and Where

Prepare yourself, there are seven of us: Wade and Tara, Finnegan (11), Aislinn (9), Maeve (7), Cian (5), and Sibeal (2). You will not be tested on this information since even I as their Father can barely get it right. 

We have been living and working in Hermanus, South Africa for the last six years. It is a smaller city located a hour and forty minutes outside Cape Town, where Tara was raised and where I returned with her to an orphan care and education work from 2009-2011. 

When we settled in Hermanus in 2015 it was with three goals in mind; Planting Churches, Building Families, and Developing Communities. 

As a family we pray that God will allow us to see this work through to a form of completion in Hermanus. Namely, a church with a strong foundation for the future and a body who is actively involved in service to and evangelism of the community. 


What is this work? Greater detail comes on the next page however here is a quick overview. 

It began with the Planting of Anchored Baptist Church six years ago. We have always prayed toward a healthy church where Good News overflows into good works in the community. The hope has always been that that would lead to a church where our neighbours know the doors are open and the people inside care about them. 


More specifically; why Hermanus, why this type of church, and why these types of ministries?

Hermanus is a beautiful place and has doubled in size over the last eight years. It is also a place that is plagued with the historical maladies that are particularly heightened in South Africa as a whole: fatherlessness, child-headed households, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, deep-seated racial animosity, and inequity.

Anchored works to reflect the diversity of Hermanus as we gather to hear Good News and scatter to share it. The ministries that flow out of and back into Anchored address some of these sin-born sicknesses.

As in all places the needs are many and the Gospel is the utmost of them. There is one other church in town that is centred on God’s Word and has a Gospel focus. In a growing community of 80,000 people Anchored is a needed church and the ministries it offers are necessary.