Team McComas Summer Tour ’19

Dear Teammates,

I have good news and that is all.

Our Visa’s came through yesterday which means many great things. It means we can live within the law and within South Africa. It means that I (Wade) am also within the law to leave South Africa and return. It means that the South African McComas clan gets to visit the States on schedule for three months.

We sent out a tentative schedule several months ago before our paper work was mis-shuffled into a bureaucratic void. The calendar has changed due to a greater need to raise new support and make sure we see as many of you as possible.

Look for that new schedule within the next week as well as a new episode of Team Talk about furlough and other fun updates.

All members of Team McComas wish to pass along their deep thanks for the prayer poured over these Visas.

We will be in contact soon and will see you in T-minus three weeks for the Team McComas Summer Tour ’19.

With Love,
Wade and Tara (Finn, Ais, Maeve, and Cian)

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