Life on the “Farm”

Happy September!  As you all are getting ready for cooler weather, eating pumpkin everything, and picking apples we are enjoying longer warmer days. All signs that spring is fast approaching. This means that I am happy and Wade is remembering the pain of summer heat and sun. 


We wanted to update you on ministry and life here these last few months.  It feels so redundant to keep saying that life is full and busy. You all are busy, we are busy. So lets just say thats a given. And not say it again.


In July we hosted a leadership camp for 25 students at the Waldorf School in Hermanus. This is the school that we rent from for church. What a blast we had! A partnering ABWE church plant sent over three of their young adults to help us. They stayed with us for the week and were such a big help leading the camp. We went through leadership principles from a biblical perspective and how that related to these 5th-7th graders. We were impressed with the kids. And by God’s goodness the school was so happy with the camp that they have asked us to lead a follow up camp in December. So we are looking forward to that.

We hosted some good friends from days at Cedarville in July and August. It was fun to have them here and share a little bit of life in the Cape  I think they had fun putting up with us. Right guys?! They also got to witness our family grow in a special way.  We are now Wade, Tara, 4 kids, Muddy, and Pepper. Our new pig.  For many this may seem strange but here at the McComas house it is not. It’s been a life long dream of mine. Pepper has settled in quickly and honestly I am convinced he thinks he is a dog. Most days he and Muddy dig holes, find scraps of food to steal, and sunbath. Its a good life for those two. He has taken over the dog house with not much of a fight from Muddy. 

Many of you know we had another little girl staying with us back in August. While her time with us was brief her impact in our family was profound. The kids still talk about her and ask to pray for her often. She is actually back with her mom now and things are going well. We are happy that she is back home and thankful that we had time to love her. Out of what was a hard week for our family the Lord has been providing opportunities for the Gospel. Our child welfare office has asked us to help them lead their parenting classes that are required for all families and leading some health education courses. We told them that we would love to but that we would be coming with the Gospel. They said go for it!  What a open door to have an impact in the lives of families who need love, support and Christ. One of my favorite but hardest parts of being a social worker is that you often meet people on the worst day of their life and in their darkest moments. But it is in those times that you have a unique opportunity to share the hope you have in Christ and love someone just where they are. So pray for us as we look to getting things going late this year and into next year.

Happy anniversary!! Well Wade and I did celebrate our 9th anniversary in July but what I mean is Mountain View Hermanus’s One-Year Anniversary of meeting at the school. This was such a large milestone for our church and demanded celebration. A group of people, from all walks of life, different cultures, learning to love God and each other. It’s messy, and complicated, and beautiful. Wade is preaching through 1 Peter here. If you would like to listen in on whats happening you can follow the link below. 

Click Here to Listen 

Its also the 15th anniversary of Mountain View in Somerset West.  Its been a fun month remembering all that God has done over the years. My parents will finish up there this month and join us in October. They are so happy we got a pig just in time.

Lots of love from us here,


Throwback to 1998. Ready to come to South Africa for the first time.
Finnegan helping to honor his grandma for all her hard work and dedication the last 15 years at Mountain View.

3 thoughts on “Life on the “Farm”

  1. Happy anniversary! Appreciate all you are doing for the Lord. Exciting to hear about this epon door on parenting. May God continue to bless your ministry. John

  2. So good to hear all that Good is doing in your life. The kids are growing up so fast! We pray for all of you regularly. Excited to see how God will use you in 2018! Love you all.

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