A Personal Handwritten Update

Dear Teammates, 

Whenever I get the opportunity to teach I avoid the low hanging fruit. I want to make a ladder that allows people to reach the fruit in those hard to reach areas.

Our latest update may be some of that desirable hard to reach fruit. Not because it is hard to understand but because you have to take an extra step to read it.

On the other side of that extra step though is a semi-personal handwritten letter.

We hope that you are well. We hope you enjoy the letter.

With Love,
Wade and Tara

PS: Also, did you ever have a missionary pen-pal as a kid…we could do that. Handwrite us a letter and see what happens (Extra Points if you send it to our physical address).

Wade and/or Tara McComas
P.O. Box 707
Hermanus, 7200
South Africa

PPS: I am petitioning for Tara to get me a typewriter for Christmas. If you have trouble with my handwriting let Tara know I am sure she will be swayed.

Click Here to Download and Read Your Personal Handwritten Update

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