A little bit of life lately….

We try to frequently post pictures on Instagram of just normal life.  It is hard to capture a good idea of what life is like here in a blog post, but pictures can speak clearly.  You can follow us from the link here.  But for those of you who don’t get on social media much here are just some recent pictures from life lately.


Maeve is on strike and will only fed herself lately.  More laundry for me, but it makes for a very happy baby.

We’ve had some cold day the last few weeks.  We are moving from summer into fall now.  When I say cold I realize its not really that cold for many of you.  Its been getting into the 60’s.  Yes, mock all you want.  We have been lighting fires on those cold mornings.

Everyone in the family has been making new friends.

Never, ever, ever do we lose sight of the blessing of living in one of the most beautiful places.

DSCF2384Table Mountain and the “hill” by our houseDSCF2138

Our kids doing life right along with us.



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