Family Update

Wade and I have said for the last 2 weeks “we need to do an update”!!! And then we look at each other and neither of us knows where to start. I sat down at the end of last week to write something and it become so long I didn’t even want to read it!!

So we decided to do a two or three part series. A small update on the family, church, and life here.

Friday was an interesting day that started with nothing going right. Just one of those days that we all experience when anything that could go wrong will. The most stinky part of it being that the septic system at our new house overflowed that morning. Yep, just going to leave that one there (You can submit jokes to Wade).

In the midst of a very hectic morning I got a call from child welfare saying they have a little 3 year old boy who was removed from his home and they need a place of safety for him. It probably wouldn’t be for more than 3 months but that he doesn’t speak English. I told her that I would talk with Wade and it took us about 2 mins of talking to say “OF COURSE”. We have been praying about this for years actually, and specifically since we arrived. I am waiting to hear back from her now as to when they will come to do the home visit. Its not finalized yet but we will know very soon if he will be staying with us. So we ask that you pray for us.  Pray that we would move as the spirit leads and that if this is a door he is opening that it would be His strength to carry us through. If this is not a good fit that it would be clear to both of us. When we told Finnegan what might be happening he said that its okay “we can learn a little bit of Xhosa and we can teach him English”. I am always thankful for my kids reminding me that things are usually simpler than we make them out to be.

We are getting settled into life and really loving where we are. We moved into a new house two weeks ago and already feel more at home. Its amazing what unpacking bags and hanging up stuff on walls can do! The Lord has provided a wonderful home for us to live and in use in ministry. And the great thing about it is that there are NO MORE BABOONS! As fun as they were it prevented the kids from playing outside and we had to be very careful.

Finnegan is in Gr. R this year. This would be the equivalent to kindergarten in the States. He is loving it and each week you can see him becoming more comfortable. His school is a dual medium school, meaning that everything is in English and Afrikaans. It is fun to hear him talk about all his new friends at school and all the new things he is learning. But he also feels the differences and has days where he says, “I just really miss Cedarville”.

Aislinn has missed Finnegan while he goes to school but you can tell loves the time being home with just the girls. She goes to swimming lessons on Tuesday mornings and is turing into quite a little fish. She is such a brave girl and just jumps right into anything. Good most of the time, scary just as much of the time!!

Maeve is 9 months now and still such a sweet baby. She still has no interest in crawling but scoots all over.  Its hard to believe that she will be a year old in April. What else do you say about a 9 month old…? She is such a joy and keeps us laughing and reminded of simple joys in stressful times.

I am sure that some of you saw on Facebook that we got a dog. I cannot describe how much the kids have loved having Muddy. Muddy’s main purpose is extra protection. But he has already settled himself into the home and family and Aislinn spends most of her days outside following him around the garden.

Wade has really jumped full force into ministry with the church plant. You all know Wade well enough to know that no dust is settling under his feet and his is off getting into trouble and doing something different.

I have really loved getting involved in leading a ladies bible study at our church as well as attending a mom’s group that meets at another church in the area. I joined the running club here and have loved getting into that more and pushing myself. I also run with a group that are all a bit older than I am and love getting to interact with them. When I say older they are all 65+. Talk about some running motivation!! But for these first few months I have felt it my most important job to help get the kids and our family settled.

Look for another update soon about Mountain View Hermanus and all the things God is doing as well as a glimpse into life here in South Africa. Thank you for those who are praying and partnering with our family.  There are very few days that I don’t stop and think about the fact that we are here because of you all. We thank God for you and the privilege to serve on your behalf and alongside of you.


Tara (and Team McComas)

If you would like to partner with our family in Planting Churches, Building Families, and Developing Communities click here. If you are interested in leaning more about career missions or are interested in seeing first hand what’s happening here please contact us. We would love to talk with you more.


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