Motherhood and Ministry


So most times we write about thing once we have them figured out.  I did this, I learned this, let me tell you about it.  But lately I have been asking the Lord to show me what life should look like for our family in this season.

We have 3 kids, we have just moved back to South Africa in ministry starting a new church, just moved (again), and a got new puppy from the animal shelter.  Thats pretty much life at the moment.  Well with all the other stuff in the middle, right?

I have taken up running with the running club since being here.  Its been a great way to meet people, learn the area, do something that I love, and have some peaceful moments in the early morning.  Now these are some serious runners.  A lot of time to think, and pray.

Lately my mind has been wondering to what the balance of life should look like as a mother these days.  I mean, I’m here working, ministering, hopefully being a messenger of the Gospel so that peoples lives can be changed by it.  So many days and months and years put into what life would look like when we got here.  And yet I am still at the stage of motherhood where my kids need everything from me.  They need all of me.  Everyday.  Not complaining at all.  Being their mom and being able to stay home with them is a joy and I love it.  So how do you balance being present in all of the small moments in life now when its so important to be present.  And how do I go out and make disciples, and feel useful outside the home?

I think that I and other moms can fall on either side of the center.  It is so easy as a mom of young kids to use your children as an excuse.  “No, my place is at home.  Sorry I can’t serve right now, my kids need/have ____”.   Fill in the blank.  But then the other side is that we go out and work so hard outside of the home making a difference that we miss the very people that God gave us to disciple that are right in front of us.  Literally, they stand right in front of you so you can miss them, in fact you probably trip over them at least once a day.  Our kids are our most precious gifts to minister to.


No summery at the end of this or this is what I learned and this is what you should do.  Nope, still in the thick of trying to sort it out.  Studying through Acts and Philippians has been amazing to see how the Holy Spirit led Paul in his missionary journeys.  God has been showing me that its His job to work it out and my job just to follow and listen.  He will bring the people in my life so that He can use me.  That happens to by my three wonderful children about every 5 seconds.  And lots of others that we invite into our church and family.

So to all the other more experienced moms feel free to share with me.  I don’t expect to get it all figured out now.  I am good with the process and journey of learning.  Thankful my kids are young enough that they wont remember everything I do 🙂  And thankful for this wonderful stage that I know won’t last forever.  I am savoring all the hugs, and snuggles, and their desire to share everything with Mommy.


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