Remember that time we moved back to South Africa?

Wade and I talked the other day about how crazy it will be to look back at these last couple weeks in 15 or 20 years. What will we remember? And it feels strange that Finnegan will only remember bits and pieces and the girls nothing. When you are in the midst of transition it can be all consuming but we know years from now it will seem small in comparison to the rest of life.

I wonder if we will remember how wonderful it felt to be back home and around friends and family. Or how fun it is to see the kids experience new things everyday. How it feels so crazy to be living next to the ocean again and listening to the sound of the waves crash. I wonder if we will recall the one time the baboons came into the house and ransacked it or how Wade and Finnegan have a running list of all the birds that they can identify.  Will the stressful parts stand out? Like how it took me almost two weeks to be able to sleep because feelings of anxious fear. The way life here seemed strange after the safety of Cedarville for 4 years. The craziness of getting everything done and how frustrating it can be to do seemingly small tasks. The tears from the kids on days when they are missing their friends back in Ohio.

If I’m right I think I will remember a little bit of it all and almost none of it. But I know what I will remember is that everyday we are reminded of why we are here and how the Lord has brought us through.

As Christmas is approaching we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. A friend from here told me the other day that she would not wish me a Merry Christmas as that seemed to light but that she wished me a very Christ-Centered Christmas. We pray that our hearts would be joyful in the anticipation of celebrating the first born of all creation and the giver of life and hope. Finnegan told me there other day that he was so excited for Jesus’ birthday because people waited forever for him to come and then he came to show them how faithful he was.

So from your South African partners and family in the Lord—have a very Merry Christ-Centered Christmas. And if you feel tired of the cold you can come build some sandmen with us 🙂


Team McComas

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