A Niggling Feeling

I have always preferred to look on the darker side of things. In an attempt to examine life and the world biblically this darker side could be considered more of a prophetic attitude than a pastoral one. In more careless moments this outlook is received as depressing though it does not cause such a feeling in me, often.

Tara and I were talking the other day about how I have a 100% positive way of thinking about this support raising journey and the timeline that we have been praying toward for the last two years. In short it is more than a slight deviation of personality.

There are practical things at play in this optimism. Finnegan could be starting school in January in South Africa with all of the other children. It makes sense to settle down before 2016 so we can get a good start in the new year. Also, I am already on the preaching schedule going into the new year. Not to mention that we would be going from Summer to Summer just to name a few minor scheduling things.

When we starting praying about going to candidate school at ABWE and through the process of support raising Autumn 2015 has always come to the forefront for departure. Yet I have always had this niggling feeling that it is all nonsense and we have been encouraged not to impose a date upon God’s timing.

I am not saying I have confidence in our ability to raise money. I am not saying that I simply have confidence in a date. I am not saying that God’s will bends to my plans. I am also not saying that God audibly spoke to us or pointed with a flaming finger on my iPhone calendar (which is a good thing because I am certain that a literal Act of God is not covered on phone insurance plans).

I do not want to claim a general promise from scripture here and say that this promise is “ours”. I will say that a Pastor typically plans his sermon’s a year in advance not to squelch God’s Will or dampen the Spirit’s work in his ministry but rather because he is working diligently to lead his flock within God’s will and because he is allowing the Spirit to minister to and lead him. Also the idea that God is always out to get you in the process of following the path laid out before you by him is perhaps a little presumptive.

We are almost there. If anything this process has kept things moving it is not us. God continues to bring individuals, families, and churches on to the Team every week. Our trajectory and timing seems to be an encouragement to keep going and keep going quickly. Pray with us that Autumn will come with the celebration of traveling to South Africa and that we will be able to keep up with God’s timing.


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