Gender Brave

I love my little girl. I am still not sure how to love her well let alone the best ways to relate to her. She is a tough little thing and though she has become drawn to shoes and trying on the clothes that are in her drawers, she does have a big brother.

This means that different noises that come from our bodies are not just funny but normal and constant. Also roaring like a lion is the way that we show love. Tackling is a love language. Punching daddy in the face is  a just for laughs exercise and finding a way to the top of every edifice in our apartment.

I want to raise her to be a woman who loves God and pray to that effect. I pray that she is a woman who embodies all that scripture has asked her to be and to leave a footprint twice as large as mine for Christ wherever she may land in this world.

All of that said, she grows hair very slowly.

I think it is really cute. And even though I hoped that she would have Tara’s hair color and body type more than mine, she is still very beautiful.

She is often mistaken for a boy. Dressed in all pink, “Oh, your little boy is so cute…he looks just like you.” Of course my only response can be, “Thank you.”

One day in particular I remember going into the bakery that I worked at and a patron said one of the most amazing things to me,

Your child is so cute. I just want you to know that you are so brave for raising your child without a gender.

My only response to that, “Actually her hair just grows really slow.”

Lessons Learned:

  • Sexual identity is now “a thing” and a precarious one at that. We need to pray for our children.
  • Grey or Navy Blue, even with pink highlights, is perhaps slightly too gender neutral for our current culture.

It is curious to think that bravery now includes living genderless, how long do you think until raising children with a defined gender will be seen as brave or strange.

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