Summer Update

The windows are open while I writing this update. The sun is shining and the breeze is coming in. What a beautiful day and what a needed summer it has been here at the McComas house. We are in our last week of “freedom” before school starts and I go back to work. Our dorm will soon be full of college girls again. We are excited to welcome them for another year. Finnegan has started asking everyday when will all the girls be home. But we have also loved the quiet and down time.

The Lord has been steadily providing these last three months for our return to South Africa. We entered the summer at around 10% of our monthly support. We are ending the summer at 45% of our monthly support need and with many new families joining the team financially and committing to pray for us consistently. It has been so nice to have the time to devote to building relationships and having flexibility in our schedule. Of that 45% we have two churches that are a part of that team. We have 5 other churches that we are talking with and praying that they will partner with us. Will you pray with us concerning that?  It is our desire to have a well rounded team of prayer and financial support partners, which includes families, individuals and churches.

On a family note. Wade and I celebrated our Six Year Anniversary. We are celebrating the milestone but it is hard to believe that so much life has happened in a short period of time. We have moved 6 times, lived in 2 countries, had 2 kids, etc. There have been days of many tears and days full of joyful moments. Very thankful for my husband. We don’t just call ourselves Team McComas to be cute. We really are a team in life and I love that man very much!

As we go into the next couple of months we are looking forward to new ministry meetings that are set up. We have several individual meetings happening and a few groups at the end of next month hopefully. If you are interested in partnering with us in what the Lord is doing in Cape Town please email us or connect with us on Facebook. We also need help networking with new ministry partners. So if you know people that you think might in interested and passionate about Church Planting, Family Building, and Community Development please pass their info on to us.

As you pray for us we are also praying for you.  Please email back with how we can do that more specifically. We appreciate you and your investment in our lives!


Tara (for the team)

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