How am I suppose to answer that question?!


Every week Wade and I sit down to talk through the week. We gear up for meetings and make a list of things to do. Pray through contacts and for ministry partners. Each week it feels daunting to take on this task. But as time passes our perspective has changed.

Over the last couple months in conversations with different people they ask how support raising is going. Honestly, it is a question I dread. A question that is impossible to answer. People ask what our percentage is? “Well we are at 5%, 7%, 10%, 20%, 30%”, we say. “Oh wow, so you have a long way to go”. This is what some say. My heart usually drops just a little when I hear that (okay more than a little). No one is more well aquatinted with how far we have to go than us.

We think about it everyday. We work hard everyday. We pray for the Lord to provide everyday. We learn much through this and our perspective has changed drastically from when we started. First, that this is not just a stage of life. This is the rest of our life. This is not just a one time shot at support raising. We really do look at our supporters as ministry partners. Sharing in the joy and rewards of our ministry and in the tragedies and hard days. Secondly, each percentage point is a family, person, or church family that has chosen to make us are part of their life. Choosing to live sacrificially so that we can serve in South Africa. We have people that support us for smaller amounts and some for large amounts. Each one we stop and rejoice. We remember what 0% felt like. So when we look at our current 30% we don’t see the “whole lot” to go. We see how the Lord has provided!

We remain confident that the Lord will provide for our family. We know that the Lord is moving this process. A process that the Lord will continue to work in for the rest of our lives.  So when you see us don’t tell us how far we have to go. We know that already. Tell us how great it is to see the Lord providing! That’s a conversation that I can get into.

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