Exploration Redux

Several months ago I made a map of the University’s campus for Finnegan. Now he knows where all of his favorite places are. The track where he runs his “races”. The gas station where he gets his donuts and just about anywhere else that he knows he can find treats.

Since we bought him a bike leading up to last summer he has really begun to understand direction. He now insists on navigating me around campus while we are driving.

This morning I decided to show him where we would be moving to in South Africa and where we would be working. He was enthralled to say the least. When he was able to see where he would go swimming and where we would get pizza and, of course, where Daddy would get his coffee you could tell that it became even more exciting to him. Also pulling out some of our pictures of him in those same places as a baby helped to make it more concrete.

I encourage you to follow the links in the above paragraph and see what our future holds. Specifically to see the contrast of the living conditions in different neighborhoods of a town. Though honestly, they seem lessened here because of how beautiful the weather was when the Google Maps Street View Car drove through that day.

Get lost. (In the maps preferably. If you come for a visit it will not be as safe to do so.)

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