Tara has run a lot of races since we were married. Half-Marathons mostly. Since Finn was born it has typically been me dragging him around in early mornings and cold temperatures to support Tara and probably score some swag and treats. We all love the atmosphere. I always assumed that Tara would be the only one who likes the atmosphere and to run in it.

But after a race last weekend Finnegan decided that he wanted to run a race as well. We considered getting some people together, going out to the track and letting Finn run with some people cheering him on just like a real racing event.

Honestly, Finn is great. He is smart and interested in books and reading. He loves riding his bike and doing those little kids climbing walls. He loves watching shows and eating delicious food. I would not typically say however that he is one for exerting large amounts of energy at one time. Perhaps short bursts. So we decided to take him out today and let him do a couple of laps around the track. See if he would be interested in actually running.

Much to our surprise and excitement he really wanted to run and I do not know if he was setting three year-old records for the 400 Meters but he was moving like I have not seen my boy move before.

Finn has now decided that he is in training for this big event though he may have his sights set a little high seeing as how he asked us to fill the bleachers.

Aislinn loved cheering for Finn. She did not on the other hand like the sun (sorry Darling) or crawling in the track or grass. We will give her some time.

Aislinn Alley 1

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