You Are Going To Want to See This (Weekly Links)

It has been much longer than a week since I posted a Weekly Link but if you will remember this is where I show you how I have a problem…internet addiction and you can also see what is going on in the recesses of my mind or what Tara and I are discussing and not to mention what is amusing Team McComas right now.

The Time Is Changing, For Some (National Geographic)

This National Geographic Article will bend you brain if you are a schedule oriented person but if nothing else will get you to church on time tomorrow.

Lecrae (Huffington Post)

Boring headline but an amazing person. He takes contextualization to a whole new level here Stateside and is a great musician.  You can find two of his mix-tapes for free here and here.

Noah (Youtube/Noah [The Movie])

Okay, Hollywood has not had great success in staying biblical accurate in films about just about any person from the Bible.  This is a very cool little short thought talking about the building of the Ark for the new film and why/how it was conceived.  Not saying they are right but I never thought about that.

Jesus in Japan (Slate)

Did you know this? No Comment.

South Africa Related

Penny Penny (NPR)

Will not be buying this record anytime soon but thank you NPR for always writing nice stories about South Africa.  BBC could learn something from you.

Learning to Read (Youtube/Bells Whiskey)

It will make you cry.  Make you laugh.  But generally just confuse you in the end.

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