Early February Update

I think the theme for a lot of people around OH would be cold,  snow, then more cold,  and a touch of ice, snow, then “wintery mix”.  This is now our third winter back in the US and is by far the coldest.  I am sure that most moms can attest to the long days inside with energy filled toddlers!  So we are as ready as everyone else for some spring weather (Or just about zero would be good too).  After this last batch of sub zero weather we finally dragged the kids out of the house.  And yes it is dragging Finnegan out.  He hates cold weather.  I was carrying him (not an easy task to carry a 40lb boy!) and he buried his head in my jacket and asked “can we just move back to Africa?”  My sentiments exactly!!!

February Update (Click this link to read in full.)

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