Weekly Links

The Above Picture is attributed later in the article.

These are selected links that I sought out and stumbled upon this past week that deal with Missions, Ministry and the interests that lurk in the recesses of my mind. (There are a lot this week but you will want to hang in there till the end.)

Missions and Ministry

Global Gospel Generosity with Lausanne’s New CEO (GospelCoalition)

Michael Oh has been a missionary in Japan, a professor at Trinity, and is now in command of Lausanne.  This is an interesting video speaking of the need for Americans to get further involved and committed not just to missions but specifically to those unreached peoples.

A Call to Resurgence (Driscoll)

Finding those people who are willing to be committed is going to be more difficult if Pastor Mark Driscoll is correct.  I have just started reading his new book and he is positing that in a country made of largely of “christians” the reality is that less than ten percent of those are saved, bible believing and Jesus loving.  What do that mean for you?

Outliving Heroes and Mentors (Desiring God)

When I can understand John Piper’s words I enjoy them.  When I do not I step away from whatever source I have just read feeling like my mind went through the food processor.  This is a great articles about a time that I fear because it means I will be the mentor and I hope by God’s grace a hero of faith.

Christmas and Winter

John Piper Reading His Holiday Story The Inn Keeper (Desiring God)

Pictures of Snowflakes Moments Before they Disappear

I love photography and even though I am not smart enough to understand I also love natural science and history.  I love these pictures.  (The featured photo for this post comes from the above site.)


Healing AIDS Patients Fails (NPR)

I have been following the stories of these “healings” and attempted healings since we went to South Africa the first time.  Quite amazing work.

Life on $7.25 an Hour (NYT)

Viva Mexico (NYT)

Hold on to your Sugar.

There Will Be Bread

This is a boring one.  Unless you bake.  Or carbo-load on a regular basis.  Or love bread.  Or are me.

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