Remembering the Man

Remembering the Man

From BBC Correspondent Andrew Harding.

Julius Malema, former president of the ANC’s Youth League:

You know nothing about Mandela. You know a man you’ve seen on TV.

Nelson Mandela spoke about taking up arms and fighting the apartheid regime at a time when it was not the policy of the ANC.

The ANC was an organisation of gentlemen which used to demand freedom by writing letters to the Queen.

We are just continuing with [Mandela’s] legacy of bringing life and vibrancy to the life of the ANC.

It does seem important to remember that Mr. Mandela sought peace.  But he did do this through violence.  He was a freedom fighter.  Not the Savior dying on the Cross though he did suffer greatly and we should be grateful.  We should not paint him as a pacifist.  We should not call him “The Suffering Servant” as the Rev. Jesse Jackson did.  We should not replace Christ’s name with Mandela’s as they are now doing in Johannesburg.  Emulate him. Honor his name with a holiday and the way you act in your community. Be humble like him. Do not worship. Do no think him Jesus.

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