Three Year Old Theology (A Conversation)

Everything was ready.  That moment God has been waiting for was here at last! God was coming to help his people, just as he promised in the beginning.

But how would he come? What would he be like? What would he do?*

Now maybe not every three-year-old is like this but those questions do not get answered until the next page of the story.  If I wait that long Finn will have already forgotten the question.  So when we are reading this Storybook Bible I have to answer them…

What was God going to do Finn…God was going to send Jesus.

no no no no no…Jesus is God. (Rubbing His Temples)

Yeah buddy Jesus is God.

God is Jesus?

Yep Jesus is God.  Just pay attention to the story.

No Daddy quiet.  Jesus is God.  God is Jesus?

Oh, you are having problems with how God sent Jesus if he is God?


That is a tough one.  We talk about God the Father.  God the Son, Jesus.  And God the Holy Spirit.  All three wrapped up in one.  God is God.

(Finn throws his head back into his hands.)

We will work on that one okay Dude.

Okay Daddy.

So I began again…

“But how would he come?

What was God going to do Finn…Daddy God sent His Son Jesus….

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*Quote from The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.

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