Celebrity Baby Jesus Christ Superstar


Jesus was not born as an adult.  We are reminded of that this time of year.  We are also reminded that he was not born as some Benjamin Button type old man shoved into the body of a small child but was in fact a baby.

Also Jesus was not born as a Celebrity Baby (who nowadays have whole websites/pages devoted to them and their clothing and eating habits and what not.) He was not a Kardashian child being eyed by the cameras.  He was born in a shelter for animals scented like the obvious, which may become a popular fad for the rich and famous if we give it enough time, or if Kanye decides that his next child really is the Messiah.  Poop-less, spit-less little mannequins who are constantly needing to be humanized by their parents and the media.  Jesus did not need that but maybe we need to be reminded of it. (By the way that link does not exist for a reason.)

Jesus pooping out the side of the diaper…again

Fathers, it is not hard to imagine Joseph getting that all over his work clothes for the next day probably making him feel more exhausted and perhaps compelling him to walk to get water just to wash off some of the stink so as not to attract unsavory pests and questions.

This is a conclusion that all parents come to I suppose after having kids and then celebrating Christmas.  But much to Tara’s surprise it was not me bringing up the conversation of baby bowels, which is pretty typical if you have ever spoken to me longer to twenty seconds, it was Finn…sort of.

The other night we were reading Finn’s Jesus Storybook Bible and going through the three stories that make up Jesus’ birth.  At the end of the stories we prayed like we always do and Finn Started off,

“Thank you God for Aislinn and thank you that Jesus came as a Baby.  Amen.”

Three Year Old Theologian Or Twenty-Seven Year Old with A Lazy Mind

Then it struck me that Finn had touched on something that many people have of written about but I had never taken the time to consider. Jesus did not just “come” (I realize he has little idea as to what that means) but he came as a “baby” (He understands that and found it very significant).  It is something Finn can relate to.  He was a baby.  He experienced and now sees Aislinn go through all of the baby related things; constipation, spitting up, needing to get tossed around to get outfits on, missing and needing Mom, growing/getting sleeping schedules messed up and teething which no one likes.  Being a baby is pretty tough.  We do not remember it for a reason.

But that lowly position that Christ took on and the humility that Christ exemplified through his whole life is something that we are glad started with him being a baby, Amen?  Thank you God that Jesus came as a Baby.

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