Print Media

Print Media

Print media is still my favorite.  I (Wade) work diligently to delve into digital media.  I have ebooks (only the ones that have gone on sale or are over a hundred years old) and they are nice to read on my phone after Tara and the kids have gone to bed.  But print media I still much prefer to reading on my phone or computer even though in reality paper and ink is only about fifteen percent of my consumption (and estimation).

Bible.  On the phone.

Fiction. On the phone.

Ministry (Hopefully Non-Fiction).  On the phone.

This past weekend however I picked up the Wall Street Journal and even though I feel as though I am always scouring the internet for new from or concerning South Africa I was very much surprised to see an article that I was not suspecting.

Even more surprising was this statement in the article, “To understand the oppressive conditions of apartheid, we traveled to some of the townships—suburbs for workers who served the ruling white population.” When you think of suburbs what comes to mind.  Pretty homes?  Picket Fences? Your house?  Mine?  Safety? I suppose if you think of suburb simply by definition then that is exactly what a township is.  But if you think about it as what Americans assume a suburb is then we would be wrong.  Townships are homes.  Beloved homes.  Homes where families live.  Homes where children are raised.  But if we were to read something like this article, which is simply about travel and the social implications are only read into by me, and think safety and peaceful living…we would be horribly mistaken.

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    1. Sorry I did put that in a odd place. “Print Media” right at the top of the article should link you right to the WSJ. On my machines it is showing up in a red font. Let me know if it does not work for you.

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