Prayer Card

Maybe it was naivety, maybe it was ignorance or perhaps it was just my inability to listen to everyone that told me how important it would be.  But prayer cards are important.  Sure as a reminder to pray.  As a reminder to other that you exist.  Maybe even as a visual remind to ourselves that we are doing this Missions thing.  Really though they seem to be most important because everyone wants one.

So here is our prayer card. We will be happy to give everyone as physical copy in person as well.

The background photo is of the side of someones corrugated steel house in Philippi, the Township that we worked in previously.  Originally I had taken the picture just because I thought that the colors were very beautiful.  The contrasting of the red steel and the rust next to the the newer patches of steel on the inside were going to make a “cool background” for our laptop.  (Here comes pointed sarcasm.)  Because really my laptop background is very important when you juxtapose it the reality that whoever owned this little home had to keep buying scraps of steel so that the rain would not get in quite as easy and thieves would not be able to peer inside.  Had I not taken that picture would the person be better off?  No.  I state all of that just to remind myself that the background of our prayer card is very emblematic of the vast majority of peoples’ homes in South Africa.

The picture of the Cape Town skyline (Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head) was taken from the ferry ride from the Waterfront to Robben Island.

Hope that you like it and that it fulfills all the purposes listed above.

One thought on “Prayer Card

  1. Love the prayer card! Well done. If OK, we’ll want to bring some back with us after Christmas. Every missionary’s dream… to make as many refrigerator postings as possible 🙂


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