Articles of the Week

I am constantly perusing a select few websites.  It is a daily habit.  (I chose habit because it is a neutral term.  You can choose a more negative one to put in its place if you think that habit to be unhealthy.)  Also I am constant internalizing the most interesting articles (or videos) that I find so I can ease into conversation with a variety of people more easily.  Here are a couple of things from the week that I thought would be good to share.

Leaving a Tip – A Custom in Need of Changing? (New York Times)

White South Africans’ Move to Black Township Draws Praise and Accusations (The Guardian)

This is a very interesting article and video.  If you only watch the video be sure to see the link to the family’s blog the documents their experience.

Social Justice and Young Evangelicals (The Gospel Coalition)

Men: The Failure or Future of Family? (Mars Hill Church)

This is a longer video and part of a series.  May take a little bit of investment but the real point is to read THIS BOOK when it is released.

Final Fun Link: A Changing Political Map of Africa from 1900 Onward. (The Guardian)

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