When we left South Africa almost two years ago there was no doubt in our mind that we wanted to go back. We did know that some things had to change. Bridges of Hope International was a good place to work and we gained invaluable experience there. But they are an organization that sends people short term with the very specific purpose of serving people and Glorifying God through the ministries sprouted from their previous community development work.

From the lessons learned there, sitting under some great biblical teaching and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit we also knew we wanted to be attached to, supported by, and supporting an organization that focused primarily on the local church. Both the local church that sent and the local church at either received or was planted by the sending. Many of you know the obvious connections but after searching and eliminating some options (both by prayer and through big hand of God demonstrating his power situations) we were led back to ABWE.

For some who read this you will think that is was just a natural fit and others will think…”that’s old school”. Well, I could not agree more with both of those thoughts.

We have just recently arrived back from ABWE candidate seminar, which, is both a training and a vetting program. I am proud and humbled to say that we made it through the process. Going into I thought that it would be a good time to get a glimpse of this organization that we had committed to in order to see if we had made a big mistake or not. Within hours of sitting learning and getting to meet a lot of the people who actually make the large Missions Movement type decisions I can honestly say that ABWE is the best fit and best possible option.

Team McComas: PlantChurches.BuildFamilies.DevelopCommunities

These three big ideas for ministry were pressed upon us during our time working in South Africa and have been defined, refined and grown by the Holy Spirit over the last two years. The great part about teaming with ABWE is that these ministry concepts are something that they are excited about and have been doing for over 75 years. We are confident in this decision and hope that as we contact you individually you will be confident and excited about it as well.

ABWE: Share The Story of Hope. Build Communities of Faith. Serve the World With Love.

I would encourage you to follow this link to ABWE’s “About” page and just sleuth around for a while.  On a final note and in summation the best way that I can describe ABWE’s value is by saying this…everything that they do is to enable local churches to send missionaries worldwide and everything that those missionaries do, be it church planting or social or whatever kind of ministry, is either coming out of a church plant or leading to a church plant.  Building the body of the Bride of Christ, there is no greater calling and we have all received.



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