• Life in Photos 2017

    Welcome to 2018: A Review and Look Forward

  • Life on the “Farm”

    Happy September!  As you all are getting ready for cooler weather, eating pumpkin everything and picking apples we are enjoying longer warmer days.  All signs that spring is…

  • Remember that time we moved back to South Africa?

    Wade and I talked the other day about how crazy it will be to look back at these last couple weeks in 15 or 20 years. What will we remember? And it feels strange that Finnegan…

  • Choosing Joy

    Wade and I sat down during the kids nap time with our shared reminder app up and started plugging away at contacts and our to do list for our visas.  Wade ran out on an errand.…

  • Things Are About To Change by Tom Wolf

    Fifteen years ago, that’s what Nancy and I were doing. With all four girls in tow, ranging in age from 7 to 17, we packed all our stuff and shipped a container to begin ministry…

  • Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    If we do not teach our children of the pain that exists and our joyous Gospel duty to respond, how can we expect them to be faithful servants?

  • Gender Brave

    Your child is so cute. I just want you to know that you are so brave for raising your child without a gender.

  • Preparation and Revelation

    Revelation compels us on toward mission and faithful sacrifice.

  • Summer Update

    The Lord has been steadily providing these last three months for our return to South Africa. We entered the summer at around 10% of our monthly support. We are ending the summer…

  • Exploration Redux

    This morning I decided to show Finnegan where we would be moving to in South Africa and where we would be working.

  • Small Giver, Big Gift

    What an encouraging month in our partner development in heading back to South Africa! Since our last update we have had 6 new monthly partners, two families increased their…

  • Mother’s Day

    Mothers day has come and gone. Like a lot of you others moms out there my family spoiled me for the day.  My request, no diaper changes for momma! May seem small but it was…

  • Life is More Than Food

    Goat Cheese is my Love Language. What are your gods? Where are they hiding or how have they openly disguised themselves?

  • Race

    Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race…

  • All Awash In Ourselves

    The nightly routine consists of Tara putting Aislinn to sleep. Finn and I goofing off for an extended period of time only to realize that time has moved more quick than first…

  • Bread

    I am currently working as a baker. Muffins. Scones. Pastries. But more exciting than anything else, Bread. There are only three kinds people in this world who do not love bread;…

  • Early February Update

    I think the theme for a lot of people around OH would be cold,  snow, then more cold,  and a touch of ice, snow, then “wintery mix”.  This is now our third winter back in…

  • Three Year Old Theology (A Conversation)

    Everything was ready.  That moment God has been waiting for was here at last! God was coming to help his people, just as he promised in the beginning. But how would he come? What…

  • Celebrity Baby Jesus Christ Superstar

    celebritybabies.people.com/Jesus Jesus was not born as an adult.  We are reminded of that this time of year.  We are also reminded that he was not born as some Benjamin Button…

  • Good or Bad Father

    He does have the to power to protect us, keep us from crashing, and has exerted that power in Jesus to Save us.

    Everyday Justice in Review

    This is obviously a hot topic in the States right now and perennially fresh here in South Africa. The Church here is daily divided and injured by the continual division and injury in the world that surrounds it. Unbiblical understandings of division by skin color and economic status are continually assumed and incidentally catechizing church bodies to keep things safe by keeping them separate.

    Year One

    There is no possible way to summarize a whole year or explain all that has happened. But needless to say we have had days of joy, days of challenges and then seasons of both. God has provided His grace abundantly.